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Three quarters of tenants would risk their lives by not following 'stay put' advice in a fire

Posted 24.09.18
Fire Door Safety Week: Article link

Almost three quarters (72%) of flat tenants would ignore the guidance to 'stay put' if there was a fire in their building and their particular flat was not affected by fire or smoke, according to new research released to launch Fire Door Safety Week (24-30th September 2018).

When residents were asked why they would not follow the stay put advice:

Fire safety guidance states that by 'staying put' if your flat is not affected by fire or smoke, the risk of being overcome by smoke in a corridor is reduced. It also helps keep access routes clear to allow firefighters to tackle the fire safely and quickly.

This relies on buildings having a robust and holistic fire protection system, of which fire doors are a critical element.


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Updated 24.09.18

  • Fire Door Safety Week: Disturbing film demonstrates how smoke usually kills long before fire - released as Fire Door Safety Week gets underway.

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