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Link between housing and health highlighted

Posted 20.09.18
NHBC Foundation: Article link

The link between inadequate housing and poor physical and mental health is explored in a new publication - 40 facts: homes, housing and house building today.

The report gathers together some interesting facts about UK housing and house building to give you a picture of the homes we live in today, including:

The full report can be downloaded via the above link.


Charity wants to see a greater focus on mental health within social housing policy

Posted 06.09.18
Mind: Article link

Newly analysed data from Mind has shown more than two in five (43%) of people with mental health problems living in social housing have seen their mental health deteriorate as a result of where they live.

Wanting to understand more about the relationship between housing and mental health, Mind surveyed 2,009 people across different housing sectors. Of these, 1,762 have mental health problems and 668 were living in social housing and had mental health problems.

The survey also found that:

The Charity wants to see a greater focus on mental health within social housing policy, with a particular focus on addressing stigma and problems with benefits.


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