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Rough sleeping strategy: prevention, intervention, recovery


Posted 13.08.18
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Up to 6,000 vulnerable people will receive rapid specialist assessments and support under new measures in the government's rough sleeping strategy.

Backed by £100 million of funding, the strategy sets out the next steps towards achieving our aim of supporting everyone off the streets and into a home, and to end rough sleeping entirely by 2027.

Following £30 million of new funding for areas with the highest numbers of rough sleepers and the launch of the Housing First pilots, this strategy was developed across government and in conjunction with the Rough Sleeping Advisory Panel, which is made up of representatives from the homelessness sector and local government.

It sets out a three-pillared approach:

This system has prevention at its heart, focusing on stopping people from becoming homeless in the first place and providing them with the right support to find work and live independently.

Longer term, those sleeping rough will be rapidly housed and offered comprehensive support to ensure their specific needs are addressed so that they can move into suitable permanent accommodation at the earliest opportunity.


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