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Trafford Housing Trust appoints Kirona to deliver Dynamic Resource Scheduling across its repairs and maintenance Service

Posted 26.07.18
Kirona: Article link

Greater Manchester-based housing provider, Trafford Housing Trust, has selected Kirona to facilitate smarter working by implementing dynamic resource scheduling across its full scale repairs and maintenance team, as part of ambitious growth plans which will see 2,000 new properties built within the next five years.

Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS) from Kirona enables Trafford Housing Trust to proactively blend both planned and appointed work across its entire service.

With operatives carrying out repairs such as electrical, plumbing and joinery, the system ensures that the most appropriate operative is selected for each job. This minimises downtime with a view to increasing productivity by up to 25%, and the customer experience is also improved as the best person for the job is always selected first, based on the worke's location, skills and availability.

Trafford Housing Trust is also using Kirona's business intelligence software; InfoSuite, which provides Trafford Housing Trust a holistic view of operations in real-time and delivers performance data to inform future service delivery, based on business intelligence.


WHG uses Aareon Managed Services to implement new mobile modules

Posted 03.07.18
Aareon: Article link

WHQ is one of the Midlands' leading and most successful providers of high quality homes, owning and managing around 21,000 homes across the region.

The first phase of WHG's technology investment was the Aareon 1st Touch mobile responsive repairs system. This is currently used by many of the 250 trades colleagues that maintain the business' stock of more than 21,000 homes.

Subsequently, WHG added gas and electrical inspection modules too.

Having seen the significant benefits achieved through these first stages, WHQ identified the significant advantages of developing the system further by adding additional modules, including:

There was a desire from WHQ to move at a pace and whilst being as cost effective as possible. Having extensively reviewed all the available options, Aareon's Managed Services facility stood out as a solution to achieve this.


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