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Cross Keys Homes, Kier and Homes England announce 10-year housebuilding joint venture

Posted 11.06.18
Cross Key Homes: Article link

Kier, Homes England and Cross Key Homes have launched an innovative long-term partnership that aims to provide around 5,400 new homes across the country over the next ten years.

Over the lifetime of the joint venture, the intention is to create diverse communities with 30% of all of the homes set at affordable levels.

The first four sites to form the partnership have now been confirmed today, with a number in the West Midlands - an area identified as having a significant housing delivery shortfall.

Homes England is taking a 26% equity stake in the joint venture and will provide up to £27 million in mezzanine funding from its £3 billion Home Building Fund.

There will be investment in skills and new innovations throughout the lifetime of the partnership - at least three new apprenticeships will be supported at each site and a minimum of 50% of labour will be employed from the local area.


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