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Planning deregulation reduces local authorities ability to secure affordable homes as homelessness rises

Posted 10.05.18
Association for Public Service Excellence: Article link

A report published today by the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) finds that a lack of investment in genuine affordable housing alongside deregulation of planning is reducing local authorities' ability to secure the homes the nation needs.

The research shines a stark spotlight on the desperate housing crisis experienced across the country, with 98% of councils identifying their need for affordable housing as either severe or moderate.

Over two thirds of councils in England state that statutory homelessness levels have increased in their local area in the past 12 months and 57% state that rough sleeping has also increased during this period.

To create more homes the government has deregulated planning by introducing measures to convert commercial buildings into homes through permitted development (this requires a prior approval process but removes the need for the developers to make a full planning application to the local authority).

While permitted development has created more housing units, the research reveals that this is not enabling councils to secure much needed affordable housing nor is it helping them deal with the rising tide of homelessness.


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