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Updated 09.04.18
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Housing Futures is the online platform on housing strategies for cities around the globe. The following have been posted recently.


How Estonia is managing major housing reform

Estonia started a major housing reform around 10 years ago. It is a good example for many Eastern European countries on how to build up a housing sector movement.

A large number of less advantaged people are actually owners of their dwellings. They live in condominiums organised into housing associations. Almost 60% of the total population in Estonia belongs to such an association.

Social rental housing in Estonia currently represents only about 1% of the total housing stock in the country and the rental sector is small. About 96% of the dwelling stock is currently in private ownership.


Affordable housing in Poland

Defining social housing in Poland is a challenge. Under the umbrella of social housing there is a mixture of low rent units owned by cities, rent regulated units owned by non-profits called TBS and a mixture of several other types of housing that are a bit difficult to explain for this article.

There are a few separate programs to help elderly and homeless and these often fit under the umbrella of social housing.

Access to affordable housing is a challenge in this 38 million EU member state and its government is trying to create more options.


Homeless in Russia: Saving lives with the Night Bus

Every single night during the week, a special van goes to remote areas of the Russian city of Nochlezhka and makes stops to give out hot meals and clothes to the homeless and poor.

There are volunteers, including doctors who also attend and go out sometimes. The night bus also connects the homeless and offers of help.

Outside of food, clothes and medical help, the driver lets the homeless know where they might go to get some assistance on legal issues, paperwork and addiction.

In 2016, the night bus fed 6,361 people giving out over 37,000 hot meals.


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