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Yorkshire Coast Homes and IDAS produce two domestic abuse awareness films

Posted 12.03.18
Yorkshire Coast Homes: Article link

Yorkshire Coast Homes (YCH) has teamed up with Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS), to produce and launch a pair of films aimed at raising awareness of some of the domestic abuse issues that are prevalent in our communities.

The two organisations chose the short film medium as the most effective platform from which to give examples of the warning signs of domestic abuse while also challenging the attitudes and beliefs about its acceptability in our society.

The films explain how people can access support and both include IDAS contact details for those who may wish to get in touch.

YCH Customer Care & Support Manager Patrick Chandler said: "YCH recognises that there are a number of negative impacts on individuals, housing, and the community that relate to domestic abuse and if we are to combat this and help people who are at risk become safe, then it is essential that organisations like ours work in partnership with specialist providers like IDAS."

The above link gives access to both films.


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