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Councils informed of decisions on intervention following continued failure to produce a local plan

Posted 26.03.18
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Housing Secretary Sajid Javid has written to 15 local authorities in England to inform them of decisions on intervention, following their continued failure to produce a local plan.

In November 2017, the government confirmed it would commence the consideration of intervention in 15 local authorities where there has been a failure to produce a local plan.

Local Plans are a key part of the government's programme of planning reform and targeted investment to ensure the homes local communities need are built.

The councils had until 31 January 2018 to explain why they hadn't yet published a plan, providing any exceptional circumstances for why the government shouldn't intervene.

A procurement process is currently underway to secure planning consultants and specialists who will swiftly undertake the work on plan production should these councils not comply in the time required.


Major overhaul to the National Planning Policy Framework launched to deliver homes

Posted 06.03.18
GOV.UK: Article link

A major overhaul to the National Planning Policy Framework, the first in six years, has been launched - providing a comprehensive approach for planners, developers and councils to build more homes, more quickly, in the places people want to live.

Local authorities will have a new housing delivery test focused on driving up the numbers of homes actually delivered in their area, rather than numbers planned for.

Developers will also be held to account for delivering the commitments, including affordable housing and the infrastructure needed to support communities.

More freedom will be given to local authorities to make the most of existing brownfield land to build homes that maximise density.

Redundant land will be encouraged such as under utilised retail or industrial space for homes, with more flexibilities given to extend upwards on existing blocks of flats and houses as well as shops and offices.

Emphasis will be on delivering more affordable homes that meet the housing needs of everyone wherever they are in their life, including sites dedicated for first time buyers, build to rent homes with family friendly tenancies, guaranteed affordable homes for key workers and adapted homes for older people.

Local authorities will be encouraged to work together and continue to close the gap between planning permissions granted and homes built.


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  • GOV.UK: Rural communities will be given more options to convert agricultural buildings into family homes - to permit up to 5 new homes to be created from existing agricultural buildings on a farm rather than the current maximum of 3.

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