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Council places homeless woman in 'squalid' temporary accommodation miles away from vital support

Posted 14.03.18
Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman: Article link

An older woman was left in temporary accommodation that was 'at best shabby, dirty and in disrepair', miles away from her GP and social networks because Rother District Council had no temporary accommodation across the whole borough, a Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman investigation has found.

The woman was placed in the hotel accommodation in a neighbouring borough, 14 miles away from her former home and GP, after her landlord sought repossession of her privately-rented home.

During her time living in the hotel room, the Ombudsman's investigation heard the woman made regular complaints about the poor state of the accommodation, but the Council never told her of her right to appeal its suitability. Nor did it treat her complaints as an appeal.

The Ombudsman also found fault with the Council for not treating her complaint about it cancelling her Housing Benefit in error as an appeal. It left her to foot a four-figure bill - when it decided on very little evidence she had swapped rooms with her adult son.


Record number of rough sleeper alerts sent in 24-hour period

Posted 01.03.18
Homeless Link: Article link

Members of the public sent over 3,600 alerts to StreetLink - a website, mobile app and phone line that connects people sleeping rough in England and Wales to local services - over the 24-hour period from the morning of Monday 26 to Tuesday 27 February, as the country continues to experience snow and sub-zero temperatures.

StreetLink typically sees its use peak during periods of extreme weather, but this recent 24-hour period recorded the highest number of rough sleeper alerts since the launch of StreetLink in December 2012.

Of the 3,600 alerts received, 2,032 were sent about people sleeping rough in London.


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