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Updated 30.01.18
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Housing Futures is the online platform on housing strategies for cities around the globe. The following have been posted recently.

German Affordable Housing 101

To understand the affordable housing system in Hannover, one must first understand the funding program.

One must be very careful when using the words "Social Housing" in Germany. Many in Germany will take that to mean only certain housing units in certain programs. If the definition is limited, you will not get gain a full understanding of the breadth of options.

There are several ways in which low income families or persons are served with housing in Germany. The author uses his experience in Hannover to better explain the system.


Housing First in Europe- 5 Short Summaries of Test Sites

Josh Crites article opens with:

"As I researched homeless programs in Germany, I came across the name of a Dr. Volker Busch-Geertsema. He is the leader of the European Homeless Observatory and a noted researcher on housing issues in Europe.

"He shared some examples of various programs in Europe and I find one article in particular of interest.

"Dr. Volker wrote on Housing First Europe. In this program there were five test sites throughout the EU.

"Below is a short summary of Dr. Volker Busch-Geertsema's excellent study."


Social Housing in Amsterdam is Helping to Solve the Urban Refugee Crisis

Amidst the so-called refugee crisis, our cities have become home to a new form of city-dweller: the urban refugee. According to UNHCR, 60% of refugees worldwide reside in urban environments.

In many ways, cities have now become containers for individuals whose lives are placed on hold. Whilst already experiencing significant housing crises, cities now presented with an urgent need to provide spatial solutions in response the large influx of refugees, who need a place to live, work, and express themselves.


10 of the Largest Housing Choice Voucher Programs in the USA

The Housing Choice Voucher program is the largest subsided housing program in the USA serving more than 2 million households.

Like the public housing program, a few very large housing authorities in large markets hold a good deal of these vouchers.


Woonbond: Representing the Tenants of the Netherlands

Woonbond is a large tenants rights organisation based in Amsterdam. The company considers itself the voice of renters from throughout the country.

More than half of the residents in social housing are somehow connected to Woonbond through its membership and advocacy. That's more than 1.5 million members or 53% of all tenants in Holland.

Woonbond's motto is that they stand for affordable rent, good homes in liveable, safe neighbourhoods and strong tenants organisations. They accomplish this goal by advocating on behalf of their more than 1.5 million members on various topics of interests including housing affordability, availability and corporate responsibility by social housing corporations.


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