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Shelter launches new social housing commission

Posted 24.01.18
Shelter: Article link

Housing charity Shelter has launched a commission into the future of social housing to address crucial issues which have been highlighted by the Grenfell Tower Fire, as new research highlights the challenges faced by those living in social housing in getting their voice and views heard.

The commission will aim to give social housing tenants across the country, starting with the Grenfell community itself, a far louder say in the future of social housing.

Chaired by Reverend Mike Long of the Notting Hill Methodist Church near Grenfell, Shelter has brought together a panel of key figures to examine the state of social housing in modern Britain and its future role in ending the housing crisis.

A series of roadshows will be held across the country, a public consultation will take place online, and a major piece of research with social housing tenants will be carried out.

An independent report carrying recommendations will be presented to the prime minister and to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn before the end of the year.


New workshop gives people chance to join the debate on social housing

Posted 17.01.18
Chartered Institute of Housing: Article link

A new workshop by the Chartered Institute of Housing gives people the chance to join the debate on the future of social housing.

The workshop is part of CIH's Rethinking social housing project that launched in late 2017.

Anyone can lead a workshop in which groups explore key questions about the role and purpose of social housing before submitting their results to CIH.

A free online toolkit is available so that people who work, live or otherwise have an interest in social housing can take part in the workshop.

An online survey is also available for individuals to complete.


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