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Housing developers building new homes near music venues should be responsible for addressing noise issues

Posted 18.01.18
GOV.UK: Article link

Housing developers building new homes near music venues should be responsible for addressing noise issues in a move to protect both music venues and their neighbours, the Housing Secretary has said.

With late-night venues and community sports clubs being forced to make high cost changes following when new residents move into the area, Sajid Javid has committed to working closely with the music industry to help strengthen planning policy.

The National Planning Policy Framework, which local authorities are legally bound to comply with, will now be clarified to include detailed reference to the 'Agent of Change' principle, and will be consulted on in Spring.

The move means developers will be responsible for identifying and solving any sound problems, if granted permission to build, and avoid music venues, community and sports clubs and even churches running into expensive issues as a result of complaints from new neighbours.


Islington Council adopts guidance requiring 50% affordable housing for Holloway Prison site

Posted 08.01.18
Islington Council: Article link

Islington Council has adopted a planning document laying out a requirement that at least 50% of new housing built on the Holloway Prison site must be genuinely affordable.

The four hectares site is up for sale by the Ministry of Justice and is one the largest development sites in central London.

The Council's Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was adopted after a record public consultation response.

Under the SPD, elements that must be delivered on the site include:

The highest possible sustainable design standards must also be achieved, resulting in high quality homes with low energy costs for future occupiers.

Under planning law, the SPD must be considered by decision-makers when assessing any future applications for development on the Holloway Prison site.


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