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Changes to Universal Credit will make it easier for direct payments to be made to landlords

Posted 08.01.18
Residential Landlords Association (RLA): Article link

Following extensive campaigning by the RLA, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has confirmed to it that landlords will no longer need tenants' consent when applying for Alternative Payment Arrangements (APAs).

APAs allow the housing element of Universal Credit to be paid directly to the landlord.

Until now a landlord would need the 'explicit consent' of the tenant to do this. The RLA have argued that in practice, this meant tenants could delay or refuse consent, leading to substantial rent arrears being built up.

The DWP has now scrapped the requirement and if a landlord can prove the tenant is in arrears of two months or more, it will introduce payments direct to the landlord - as used to happen under Housing Benefit.


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