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Number of victims of the Grenfell Tower fire formally identified is 70

Posted 16.11.17
Metropolitan Police: Article link

The total number of people who have now been formally identified, to the satisfaction of the Coroner, as having died as a result of the fire at Grenfell Tower is now 70.

A stillborn baby has also been recorded as a victim of the fire.

On Tuesday, 15 November the identities of the last two people were confirmed by the Coroner.

Whilst the final stage of the search operation is not expected to conclude until early December, the Met believes that based on all the work carried out so far and the expert advice, it is highly unlikely there is anyone who remains inside Grenfell Tower.


Update from the Grenfell Tower Inquiry

Posted 15.11.17
Grenfell Tower Inquiry: Article link

Following a great deal of activity in its first few months, the Inquiry has now provided an update on a number of issues.

The update includes information about:


Initial report from the Independent Grenfell Recovery Taskforce

Posted 07.11.17
GOV.UK: Article link

The Independent Grenfell Recovery Taskforce announced by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid on 5th July has submitted its 'Initial Report (dated 31 October 2017)'.

The report states that that the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) failed its community on the night of the Grenfell Tower fire (14 June 2017) and in the weeks following.

It further states that 'prior to that we have heard that RBKC was: distant from its residents; highly traditional in its operational behaviours; limited in its understanding of collaborative working and insular, despite cross borough agreements; and with a deficit in its understanding of modern public service delivery'.

The report makes four key recommendations:

The report also sets out a number of detailed recommendations and for each it gives an indication of timescales by which they should be addressed.


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Updated 13.11.17

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