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Updated 06.11.17
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Housing Futures is the online platform on housing strategies for cities around the globe. The following have been posted recently.

New York City: Affordable housing in the Big Apple

The reasons for New York's affordable housing issues are varied and complex.

Much like the other major cities of the world, population growth and limited space are somewhat to blame. However; any commodity that is in high demand is going to cause supply issues.

If affordable housing was an Iphone, we would simply just build more to meet demand. That is not that simple. Other issues are hurting New York City and increasing affordability issues.


Seattle Housing Authority leading the way in lean process improvement

The Seattle Housing Authority is a leader in innovation, program design and operations.

One of the fundamental priorities of the agency is to be extremely good stewards of public funds. Because of that, the agency has always put an emphasis on ensuring all of its services, processes and workflow are as efficient as possible.

The Seattle Housing Authority's integration of lean methodologies in the last two years is nothing more than a progression in the willingness of the agency to always look at ways to improve.


Homeless in Maricopa County Arizona: Challenges and a way forward

In Part I of this two part series, we learned from Hom, Inc. CEO Michael Shore how his organisation is helping non-profits and housing authorities battle the scourge of homelessness within their region.

In this second part, we get a better understanding of the scale of the problem and how Hom, Inc. is working in a transparent manner to help show how they are doing their part to combat homelessness.


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