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Shropshire Housing and Herefordshire connect

Posted 27.07.17
Shropshire Housing Group: Article link

Shropshire Housing Group has announced that it is joining together, as equal partners, with Herefordshire Housing to form Connexus, a new social housing group working across Shropshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

Some key ambitions for Connexus include increased provision of housing for sale and market rent alongside a programme of shared ownership and affordable rented accommodation.

The organisation will be the largest developer in the Marches with plans for some 1,458 homes up until 2023.

But both organisations see their core purpose to be more than "bricks and mortar providers" and share an ambition to develop homes alongside care and support services.


Notting Hill Housing and Genesis Housing agree merger in principle

Posted 20.07.17
Genesis Housing Association: Article link

Notting Hill Housing and Genesis Housing Association have agreed in principle to merge, a move that would create one of the country's largest housing associations.

The new organisation, Notting Hill Genesis, will have 54,000 homes across London and 64,000 across London and the South East, half of which will be general needs homes with social or affordable rents.

The new organisation will serve a total of 170,000 residents and be the largest provider of shared ownership tenure in the country.

Both Notting Hill Housing and Genesis Housing were founded in different forms during the 1960s by people of faith in west London, with the aim of housing the working poor and giving them a secure home with which to build their future.


North West housing associations to merge creating new 33,000-home group

Posted 03.07.17
New Charter Group: Article link

New Charter Group and Adactus Housing Group are set to merge creating a new organisation with 33,000 homes.

After Boards approved the full business case, both companies will combine their strengths and form a new, much larger organisation operating across the North West and East Midlands.

Subject to obtaining further approvals, the merger is planned to take place later this year. The announcement of a new company name will follow.

As well as a portfolio of 20,000 homes in Greater Manchester and Nottingham, New Charter Group owns a profitable building company and a homelessness charity.

The Adactus Housing Group owns and manages more than 13,000 homes across 21 local authority areas in the North West of England.


Family Mosaic merger with Peabody completed

Posted 03.07.17
Family Mosaic: Article link

Peabody and Family Mosaic have now merged. Family Mosaic becomes part of the Peabody group although its subsidiary name will continue for a while.

As a result of the merger, the new group now has 111,000 residents in 55,000 homes spread across 29 London boroughs, with over 2,000 homes in Essex, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent.

New Peabody Chief Executive Brendan Sarsfield said: "We will put the most vulnerable first, building as many good quality homes for low-cost rent as we possibly can".


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