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How many rural homes did housing associations deliver in 2016/17?

Posted 20.07.17
National Housing Federation (NHF): Article link

This briefing details the number of homes started and completed in rural areas in 2016/17. These are the results of a survey of all NHF members who said that rural housing was an important part of their business.

Key points:

The above link will give acces to download the full report.


Mayor strikes deal for 50,000 new affordable homes

Posted 13.07.17
London GOV: Article link

Sadiq Khan has announced a deal with councils and housing associations in London to start building an extra 50,000 affordable homes to rent and buy over the next four years.

Housing associations and councils made the commitment in response to the Mayor's first call for bids to the record-breaking £3.15 billion affordable homes fund he secured from the government in November last year. It represents almost treble the 18,000 homes secured by the final call for bids issued by the previous Mayor in 2014.

This latest announcement will see an estimated £1.7 billion invested in 49,398 genuinely affordable homes being built, with new homes in all 32 boroughs and the City of London.

The homes will be delivered by 44 housing providers - including large and small housing associations, as well as nine London councils.


Kodasema launches tiny prefab home for £150k in UK

Posted 06.07.17
dezeen: Article link

Estonian design collective Kodasema has launched its prefabricated 25-square-metre micro home. It takes less than a day to build and can be relocated to make use of vacant sites.

The cost of the Koda house is just £150,000 as a package. This includes the cost of planning and building regulations, as well as delivery, site preparation, installation and connections to services.

The structure doesn't need foundations and it can be moved on the back of a lorry.

Key aims include encouraging the 'self-build' culture and better use of empty plots of land - including temporary plots in cities.


More Green Belt being lost without tackling housing crisis

Posted 04.07.17
Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE): Article link

The CPRE has reported that whilst there is significant increase in houses planned for the Green Belt, most of them will not be affordable to those who need them.

Based on local and city-regional planning policies and new data from planning consultants Glenigan, CPRE's annual Green Belt Under Siege report shows that more than 70% of houses proposed for development are not expected to be 'affordable'.

It also demonstrates that just 16% of houses built on Green Belt land since 2009 outside local plans were classed as 'affordable'.

In total, 425,000 houses are now planned for Green Belt land. This is an increase of 54% on March 2016, and the biggest year-on-year increase in building proposed in the Green Belt for two decades.


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Updated 25.07.17

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