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Housing related Bills before Parliament when it was prorogued on 8th October 2019

This briefly summarises the key objectives of Bills that were before Parliament when it was prorogued on 8th October 2019.

There was no carry over motions passed in respect of any of them and given subsequent developments, they will need to be re-introduced - presumably in the next parliament after the 12th December's General Election.

This Spotlight page has been left to provide details of the bills affected.


Affordable Home Ownership Bill

To make provision for affordable home ownership; to require the inclusion of rent to buy homes in the definition of affordable housing; to make provision for a minimum proportion of new affordable housing to be available on affordable rent to buy terms; to provide relief from stamp duty when an affordable rent to buy home is purchased; and for connected purposes.


Fire Safety (Leasehold Properties) Bill

To require freeholders of certain properties that have failed fire safety tests to carry out remedial work; to make provision for sanctions for such freeholders who fail to carry out such work; to ensure that leaseholders are not held liable for the costs of such work; to make provision for a loan scheme to assist freeholders in carrying out such work; and for connected purposes.


Freehold Properties (Management Charges) Bill

To require landlords to provide accounts of management charges payable under section 19 of the Leasehold Reform Act 1967 to freehold property owners; and for connected purposes.


Freehold Properties (Management Charges and Shared Facilities) Bill

To make provision for the regulation of fees charged by management companies to freeholders of residential properties; to make provision for self-management of shared facilities by such freeholders; to require management companies to ensure shared facilities are of an adequate standard; and for connected purposes.


Ground Rents (Leasehold Properties) Bill

To regulate ground rents charged on leasehold properties; to make provision for a cap on ground rents; to make property developers liable for the legal costs of leaseholders seeking to vary certain ground rent contracts; and for connected purposes.


Homelessness (End of Life Care) Bill

To make provision about end of life care and support for homeless people with terminal illnesses, including through the provision of housing for such people; and for connected purposes.


Homeless People (Current Accounts) Bill

To require banks to provide current accounts for homeless people seeking work; and for connected purposes.


Housing and Planning (Local Decision-Making) Bill

To remove powers of the Secretary of State in relation to the location of and planning permission for new housing developments; to give local authorities powers to establish requirements on such developments in their area, including requirements on the proportion of affordable and social housing; and for connected purposes.


Leasehold Reform Bill

To make provision about the regulation of the purchase of freehold by leaseholders; to introduce a system for establishing the maximum charge for such freehold; to make provision about the award of legal costs in leasehold property tribunal cases; to establish a compensation scheme for cases where misleading particulars have led to certain leasehold agreements; and for connected purposes.


Mobile Homes and Park Homes Bill

To require the use of published criteria to determine whether mobile homes and park homes are liable for council tax or non-domestic rates; to make provision in relation to the residential status of such homes; to amend the Mobile Home Acts; and for connected purposes.


Private Landlords (Registration) Bill

To require all private landlords in England to be registered; and for connected purposes.


Sublet Property (Offences) Bill

To make the breach of certain rules relating to sub-letting rented accommodation a criminal offence; to make provision for criminal sanctions in respect of unauthorised sub-letting; and for connected purposes.


Tenancy (Deposits & Arbitration) Bill

To establish a single custodial tenancy deposit scheme; to provide for that scheme to invest deposits; to require interest on such investments to be used for the provision of tenant advocacy, tenant support and arbitration services; to establish a mandatory arbitration service for the resolution of disputes between landlords and tenants; and for connected purposes.

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