ONE CIC delighted with Cirrus Technology Solutions as its IT partner

Mike Skilton: UK Housing Ltd
1st September 2021

Established in 2020 - at the height of the Covid crisis - ONE CIC is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company created to make a positive impact on people affected by homelessness.

Providing affordable, high-quality accommodation to homeless people is at the centre of ONE CIC's mission, along with re-investing surplus income back into the communities it serves and supports.

ONE CIC operates across the UK and includes the North East, East Midlands and South Midlands regions along with the newly developed Brighton area.

Its unique and sustainable business model includes the creation of ONE CIC Community Hubs and ONE CUP Coffee Shops in local areas - which will offer homeless people training, employment opportunities and support in a friendly and safe environment.

It was critical in the early development of the organisation that the infrastructure needed to be robust, state of the art and primed for growth. It was equally important that ONE CIC had a range of specialist suppliers and partners to enable the team to efficiently manage the complex day to day operations and support.

With a significant number of properties and tenants (often with complex needs), ONE CIC brought in a specialist Housing Management System, along with online accounting and administrative software. All of these elements needed to be implemented and integrated to enable the teams to efficiently and effectively operate and manage the business.

ONE CIC decided to partner with Cirrus Technology Solutions to provide a full range of technology services for both its head office based in Warrington and to support its UK-wide remote teams.

Cirrus is attracting wide attention in the housing and associated sectors, particularly from small and medium-size organisations. It is well positioned to offer a complete range of IT services and it is building a solid reputation for creating solid long-term relationships with its clients - operating in the same way that an internal IT resource would.

ONE CIC has ambitious plans and is poised to meet the growing demand for high quality housing and specialist, person led, support. The ability to analyse, respond and report on deliverables and outcomes is key to the success of ONE CIC and therefore technology will continue to play a huge part in the development and expansion of this dynamic social enterprise.

Tracey Bovington, CEO at ONE CIC said:

"It is not enough to just deliver a standard service these days. Suppliers, and particularly technology services, need to operate as true partners to the businesses they serve.

"They need to get into the heart and soul of the business and understand the present mindset and future strategy in order to respond and guide accordingly.

"Cirrus provided a level of support that was beyond expectation. They took time to really get to know our business. They were 'present' in every sense of the word; a refreshing service in every way.

"We feel confident that we now have a partner who not only 'gets us' but is with us every step of the way.

Cirrus Technology Solutions:


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